How To Size Up Your Loop

How To Size Up Your Loop
Are you having difficulty working out which size ad loop keyring to go for? Here are a few simple tips...

Print area: When looking at the 2D proof above, you are seeing the whole of the print area for your chosen loop size. Imagine that one end (the right) of the loop has been disconnected from the fob, and has been laid flat. You have all this area to work with, but the length of the finished product will only be about half what you see on screen, because it will be supplied fully assembled, with the trim and ribbon 'looped' into place.

Mini ad loops: If you've not seen the difference between physical ad loop sizes before, or have, and weren't sure which one you were looking at, this handy tip should help. You'll know if you've got a mini ad loop if you can only fit one finger (or thumb) inside the loop created by the printed ribbon/trim section. If you can squeeze any more fingers in, it probably isn't a mini.

Regular ad loops: Our most popular size, hence the name. Most adults can squeeze about three or four fingers inside the loop. Younger primary school children may just about get their whole hand inside, but it will be tight!

Jumbo ad loops: Jumbo by name, jumbo by nature. We'd expect the majority to be able to wrap a jumbo around a clenched fist with relative ease, showing just how large a print area you have to work with. We have clients who tell us they actually use jumbo ad loops as a handy method of supplying keys to elderly or infirm customers, as it's a suitable size to wrap around the customer's wrist when they go to answer the door, lessening the chances of dropping it.

We hope those descriptions help, but if you're not sure, please still ask us by calling 01772 435010.