Andrew Absolutely Gobsmacked With TV Prize

Andrew Absolutely Gobsmacked With TV Prize
Giving away something as extravagant as a 19" Alba HDTV and DVD player in our recent competition was a first for us, and we're pleased to say that we helped our winner achieve a first too, as he told us in an amazed tone: "I've never won anything in my life before!".

The triumphant victor - drawn out of the hat after we placed every invoice from purchases in January and February into contention - was Andrew Hutt, owner of A S Hutt Painter and Decorator from Cheshunt in Hertfordshire, who was lost for words when we called to tell him of his prize.

"I'm absolutely gobsmacked," he admitted. "I'm not really much of a wordsmith so it's hard to know what to say.

"People always use the line that they've never won anything in their lives, but I haven't - until now! It's brilliant, thank you."

The successful promotion led to a flurry of orders in late February as the closing date approached, and Ad-Options Ltd would like to thank everyone who placed an order during the competition period, either via telephone on 01772 435010 or one of our networked websites at, and