Why Order Custom Ad Loop Keyrings?

Why Order Custom Ad Loop Keyrings?

Custom designed keyrings with the logo of your hotel, place of work, shop, or charity on them can create a sense of unity and bring keyholders together – and they’re also great advertising.

All Eyes on Your Brand

By making a bulk order of custom keyrings which tie to your business, you get a great free gift, perk, or sign-up bonus to distribute to colleagues or customers as you find appropriate. But what’s really important is what happens next.

Outside of keyring collectors, the majority of the general public will use free give-away keyrings rather than buy their own. Those items are then out there, often publicly visible, for as long as they last (and our Ad Loop keyrings are built for durability, so they’ll last a long time for you).

All that time, more and more people see your logo and branding and remember it. It also gives much repeated exposure to the brand to each individual user. As studies have shown, a lot of successful advertising just aims to get the brand into the audience’s mind – the message about quality is less important; many people will simply go for the familiar brand, when it is time to buy.

Added Associations

However, a keyring doesn’t send a null message; a hardwearing, durable ad-loop keyring will be associated in the minds of those who see it with hardwearing, dependable qualities – associations you absolutely want your customers to have with your product.

For charities, clubs and not-for-profit organisations, Loop fobs are wonderful for raising awareness and can also be sold to supporters as vital fund raisers. If they were won as a prize, they’ll be exhibited proudly. If they were given away, that produces its own set of positive connotations. There’s no way to lose in this scenario!

Keep your customers in the loop with your contact details in their pockets. Design your own Ad Loop fobs online now.