Why Ad-Loop keyrings are the best promotional gift on the road

Why Ad-Loop keyrings are the best promotional gift on the road

Did you know that approximately 8 in 10 of us admit to looking up the brand printed on a promotional item we’ve received? Meanwhile, 83% of us have said we are more likely to do business with a brand from which we have received a gift. 

How can LoopKeyrings.co.uk help your business to benefit from these nuggets of information? We supply branded Ad-Loop Keyrings which are small and lightweight, so the perfect promotional gift for your customers on the move. 

Why Loop Keyrings?

At Ad-Options Limited we supply a wide range of printed promotional gifts of all shapes and sizes, but Ad-Loop Keyrings are consistently a favourite with our customers. They’re handy, practical products that put your contact details in clients’ pockets, ready for when they need you. 

A large proportion of Loop Keyrings carry house, work or car keys. As such, they are often in transit, taking up very little room in a handbag or pocket. 

Ad-Loop Keyrings, also known as Loop-Fobs, are eye-catching too.  Colourful promotional gifts are always popular, and the loop keyrings are available in 32 standard trim and fob colours. This means there are an amazing 5,120 possible colour combinations to choose from. You can make your loop even more bespoke to your business by choosing from our 5 ribbon colours, and printing in your brand pantone colour(s). 

Ad-Loop Keyrings are versatile

Whether you want to match your colours with certain events or with your company branding, our Loop Keyrings are ideal for all kinds of occasions. 

Over the years, we’ve had customers from many professions use loop keyrings, including taxis, locksmiths, estate agencies, vehicle dealerships and all motor trades. They’re also ideal for tack lockers and many other applications. 

When not using the loop keyrings for practical purposes such as hanging keys and identifying bunches of keys from each other, our customers simply enjoy twirling them around their fingers! We aim to please.

Different sizes of loop keyrings for different applications

Loop fobs come in 3 sizes: Mini, Standard and Jumbo. Our Mini is just about large enough to fit around your finger, the regular around 4 fingers, and your whole wrist for Jumbo. The standard size loops are perfect for most occasions and are by far the most popular.

Loop Keyrings are one of the most cost-effective promotional items out there! They are manufactured here in the UK and offer a long life, sustainable, practical solution. Carriage is free to one UK mainland address when you order online. Don’t worry if you are out of this zone, as we charge the lowest possible rate to all other areas. 

If you would like more information about the best promotional gift on the road, or to find out more about our full range of promotional printed products, please get in touch.