Your New Customers Are Coming To Town

Your New Customers Are Coming To Town

Every year in September, a large, new, cash-happy customer base arrives in towns and cities throughout the country.


Moving into new accommodation, with parental cash in their pockets and generous student loans.


The new kids in town are determined to have a good time and they need new local suppliers.


Local Economic Boost


They make a significant impact on the local economy and their needs are many and varied. Local businesses have a unique opportunity to create a good first impression and gain new customers for years to come.


Make sure your company gets more than its fair share of the new money by making a great initial impact and getting the students' attention with a printed ad loop key ring. 


Give a Key Loop fob for their new set of keys!


Generate goodwill at a freshers' fair or on the first visit to your premises using a custom printed Key Loop fob as a welcome gift. 


Most new students will be seeking new suppliers straight away and the gift will also last to be a reminder of your services, whenever they are ready to buy.


Put your contact details in all the new students' pockets!


ORDER NOW to recruit the next generation of clients.