As a company that prides itself on ethical trading, we wish to advise all our customers of our upcoming price increases.

As you will know, we had to change suppliers in April 2023 and immediately saw an increase in costs for the production of one of our most popular products: the Ad Loop keyring.  

We continue to absorb much of the increase in costs for the production of our very popular Loopkeyrings; however, to enable us to continue to pay our employees a living wage (above the national minimum wage), we feel a small price increase of 5% (and transparency with our loyal customers) is the best and most ethical approach for our company long-term.

As of 14th January 2024, the price for our loop keyrings will increase by approximately 5%*.

* This price excludes VAT, which will be added at the checkout. 

We are sure you will agree that our Key Loop keyrings remain a great product, competitively priced and affordable, with the same high level customer service previously offered.


The 10% EXTRA FREE voucher code above, remains valid until midnight on 31st January 2024.

Thank you for your loyalty, understanding and continued support,

Stephen Ward, Managing Director

4th January 2024