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Not sure what an Key-Loop keyring is, how you order, or how quickly you can get them?

All you've ever wanted to know about loop keyrings will hopefully be answered within this page of frequently asked questions.

What is a Loop Keyring, Key-Loop, Key Loop, Ad-Loop or Loop Fob?

Key-Loop is the brand name of a particular type of keyring, commonly referred to as a loop keyring (hence the URL of this site). They’re made of soft plastic so as not to scratch the petrol tank on motorbikes and scooters. They have an extremely long, useful life, with a rigid end piece called the fob, or end cap, into which the actual ring of the keyring sits. This secures a flexible, message-carrying ribbon and trim that loops round on itself, with both ends connecting into the fob. All of the printing is placed onto the ribbon within this flexible section, preserving the message for many years. These key rings are very practical, enabling you to hang up your keys and twirl round your fingers for fun!

Where can I buy Key-Loop keyrings?

You can buy Key-Loop keyrings online at https://www.loopkeyrings.co.uk or you can visit LoopKeyrings.co.uk (by appointment) at F04, Worden Hall, Leyand PR25 1DJ (above the Folly Cafe) or you can call 01772 429111 during normal office hours.

Do I have to order online?

No, you can call our experienced business gift team on 01772 429111 or use our Contact Us page to request an order form by email.

Why do you refer to ribbon in a plastic keyring?

To achieve the most long-lasting and eye-catching print quality, your message is actually printed onto a fine ribbon. This is then sealed inside the trim with a transparent cover and a wide choice of interior trim colours. This creates a nice finish that looks classier than simply printing onto a plastic background. This process also protects your promotional message from damage when pushed against your keys in a bag or pocket.

What colours do Key-Loop keyrings come in?

There are many standard trim and fob colours (which means lots of amazing possible colour combinations for Key-Loops). We can also Pantone match your corporate colours when printing onto the white ribbon option. Don't be afraid to ask, we will always try and see what is possible for you.  We will let you know immediately if it's likely to cost you more to achieve than the standard prices quoted on this site.

When I rang and spoke to you, somebody mentioned a 'flood print', what does that mean?

A flood print (also known as reverse printing) is a method used to enable you to use the ribbon colour as your printed message, showing through a surrounding all over print colour. Not every colour combination is possible, as we've learned through years of experience, some colours work better than others. We can 'flood print' most background colours with white logos or text, and a smaller section of background colours against yellow text.

This can be achieved for the cost of a one-colour print if you want yellow or white text. Other colour combinations may be possible at two, three or four colour printing costs. We always advise keeping it simple, it makes your advertising more effective.

Is there a limit to what can be printed on an Key-Loop?

Key-Loops are designed to carry simple and straightforward messages, so we generally advise that clients stick to text, with a simple logo if required. It is worth avoiding complex or intricate logos that require several colours or contain fine details. For example, a Coat of Arms wouldn't recreate well on an Key-Loop because of the nature of the printing process onto a small ribbon, with a restricted print height.

A solid block logo like the Nike 'swoosh' or something simple like the Swiss flag wouldn't be difficult to print at all. A simple logo or image will enhance the look of your Key-Loop fob. Please send us your logo design and we can make a suggestion regarding its suitability. Submit a logo enquiry via our Custom Key-Loops page.

How big are Key-Loops?

Laid flat, a Regular Key-Loop measures about 100mm lonng. Measurements are never entirely consistent; it all depends on how much you've elongated or flattened the loop section whilst playing with it!

Please note: the older MINI and JUMBO Ad Loop key rings are no longer produced.

Is there a minimum order quantity for Key-Loops?

The minimum order for these custom keyrings is 250. Given all the work that goes into the setup of the ribbon printing and assembly, it isn't financially viable to produce them in smaller runs. If you really wanted a smaller run, we could do it, but it would probably work out at almost the same cost as taking the minimum 250, so you may as well just take the extras as spares.

What do you charge for postage?

Postage/carriage is free to one UK mainland address. UK mainland covers England, Scotland and Wales but not Northern Ireland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, and Scottish Islands. Please contact us if you’re not sure where you fit in. Anywhere outside our ‘free carriage’ area will be charged the lowest possible rate to ensure the order is as cost-effective for you as possible. Export is also available and many popular Countries can be added at the Checkout. If your Country is not listed, please Contact Us, with your full delivery address, for an export carriage quotation.

Why do you advertise prices as 'ex VAT' until you get to the till?

The vast majority of our clients come from the trade, so it is industry standard practice to initially quote without VAT. Most companies are able to claim their VAT back if they're VAT registered in the UK or VAT can be excluded for export orders. We promote the "ex. VAT" figure, but make it clear in the price matrix that VAT is extra for those who will also be incurring this cost. We cannot sell goods without charging VAT unless you have an exemption, e.g. exports outside the UK.

Where have the belt clips and sequential numbering gone?

Unfortunately, our factory has taken the decision to discontinue belt clips as a paid-extra when ordering Key-Loop keyrings, given how infrequently they were requested. Sequential numbering is also discontinued as it was not cost effective to replace the equipment, given the very low number of orders placed on this basis.

How quickly can you deliver?

If you have a deadline, please tell us as soon as you first order or enquire. Our standard quotes are based around a turnaround of 10 to 12 working days from the day you approve the proof. However, we do regularly shave a couple of days off those times. It is sometimes possible to 'jump the queue' by several days if you're willing to pay the Express Handling fee that our factory requires.

What is the phone number for Key-Loop Keyrings?

01772 429111

What is the country of origin for Key-Loop Keyrings?

Key-Loop key rings are manufactured in the UK.

Do you also do 'normal' keyrings?

If you're looking for the simple acrylic keyrings that you most readily think of when somebody mentions 'keyrings', you'll find those at our sister site, BlankKeyrings.co.uk.

We also offer a wide range of custom-printed promotional key rings and other gift products at BusinessGiftUK.com

Do you have a social media presence?

Yes, we often run giveaways via Facebook and tweet quite regularly, including re-tweeting and following our clients as a thank you! You can also find us on LinkedIn!

Please Like and Follow us - and we will always try to follow you back!

If you have any other questions then please us our Contact Us page or call 01772 429111.

Do you have any accreditations?

Yes, we are members of the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), the PAGE Partnership and we are also members of the Good Business Charter.